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Alphonso Mango Puree

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Nature's Gold by SafaAgro

Mango Pulp is prepared by extracting the pulp obtained from mature ripe mango. Ripe fruit is processed in excellent conditions by suitable means according to Quality Standards

The mangoes are harvested using innovative scientific methods and employ natural processes to ripen them. We use manufacturing technology that includes cutting, de-stoning, refining, and processing of the pulp. It is further sterilized and packed into aseptic bags to retain the natural aroma, sweetness, and color of Alphonso pulp intact.

Once the Alphonso mango pulp is hygienically processed it becomes homogenous and uniformly free-flowing in appearance. Our Alphonso mango pulp is admired globally for its vibrant color, nutritional value, and irresistibly tempting taste.

  • Exquisite Taste and Aroma:
  • Year-Round Availability:
  • Premium Quality Assurance:
  • Versatile Culinary Application:




Chemical Characteristics

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  • Brix :14° Min
  • pH : 3.7 – 4.0
  • Acidity % :0.45 – 0.60

Microbiological Characteristics

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  • Aerobic Plate Count : 0 cfu/gm
  • Yeast : 0 cfu/gm
  • Mould : 0 cfu/gm
  • Anaerobic Bacteria : 0 cfu/gm
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Physical Characteristics

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  • Color : Yellow to light golden yellow
  • Texture : Smooth texture and homogenized
  • Flavor : Natural flavor of Mango and free from burned, cooked or any of flavor taste
  • Appearance : Golden Yellow Homozinics pulp passed through 1/32” Mesh Sieve size

Packaging & Storage

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Packed in Cans and Aseptic Bag in Drum using a polyline.

Aseptic Bags: 215Kg/Drum

Cans/Carton : Cans/Carton


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Keep in cool and dry place, store in ambient temperature (+25°C)

Protect from moisture and direct sun light

Consume once the bag is opened or keep frozen

Free from preservatives or artificial colors

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