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Red Papaya Concentrate

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Red Papaya Concentrate

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Nature's Gold by SafaAgro

It is important to use ripe papayas when making papaya concentrate. When they are grown it should be possible to make a mark if pressing the skin. The papaya is then peeled and cut in half. All seeds should be scooped out and then roughly chopped papaya into pieces.

The papaya fruit may differ in size, shape, and look. They may have skins that range from green to yellow and may be pear-shaped or more cylindrical. They all have yellow, orange, or pink flesh which is fragrant and soft. In the center of the fruit is a hollow filled with tiny black seeds which are easy to scoop out.

  • Pure Tropical Goodness:
  • Rich in Nutrients:
  • Versatile Culinary Delight:
  • Sourced Sustainably:

Red Papaya (Solo Sunrise)

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Our Solo Sunrise Red Papaya is a tropical delight, prized for its vibrant red-orange flesh and extraordinary sweetness. Bursting with essential nutrients, it’s a healthy treat on its own or a versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes.

Red Papaya (Sunset Splendor)

Sunset Splendor Red Papaya is a culinary masterpiece, blending a rich, red hue with a perfectly balanced sweetness. Ideal for creating tantalizing salsas, smoothies, and delectable desserts, it adds a burst of flavor and color to your culinary creations.

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                                               Baby Food

Chemical Characteristics

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  • Brix :8 – 10°
  • pH : < 4.1
  • Acidity  : 0.45 – 0.60 as Citric Acid

Microbiological Characteristics

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  • Aerobic Plate Count : 0 cfu/gm
  • Yeast : 0 cfu/gm
  • Mould : 0 cfu/gm
  • Anaerobic Bacteria : 0 cfu/gm

Shelf life

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12 months from the production date under the mentioned storage conditions.

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Physical Characteristics

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  • Color : Reddish
  • Texture : Smooth texture and homogenized
  • Flavor : Natural flavor of papaya and free from burned, cooked or any of flavor taste
  • Appearance : Homogeneous and thick

Packaging & Storage

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Packing MS Drum painted wide mouth with Aseptic Bag and polyliner.

  • Aseptic Bags : Aseptic Bags


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Keep in cool and dry place, store in ambient temperature (4~8°C)

Protect from moisture and direct sun light

Consume once the bag is opened or keep frozen

Free from preservatives or artificial colors

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