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Wheat Flour

Wheat flour (Maida) is produced by milling of cleaned wheat seeds in a roller flour mill. Wheat flour is a free flowing and dry to touch. It is white to creamy color and free from any visible bran particle.

Wheat flour has a characteristic taste and flavour but free from undesirable smell & musty flavour. Wheat flour is free from insects, fungus infection, dirt, rodent contamination and other extraneous matter.


  • Biscuit
  • Industries                     
  • Confectionaries              
  • Food Product Industries
  • Domestic Purpose


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  • Appearance  Straw
  • Flavor Clean, typical
  • Dextrose Equivalent 42
  • Total Solids, % 80.5
  • pH 3.5~5.5
  • Moisture 19.5

Shelf life

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24 months from production date

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Packaging & Storage

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  • Multiwall Paper Bags  50lb / 22.68KG or 25KG
  • HDPE /PP Bags 55.12lb / 25kg or 110.23lb /50kg
  • Jute Bags 110.23lb /50KG
  • Store in a clean, cool area free from infestation

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