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Natural Black Sesame Seed

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Sesame Seed

Natural Black Sesame Seed is nice crunchy texture, with a slightly bitter nutty flavor. Small, flat and dark in color, these are grown only in limited parts of the world.

Black Sesame seeds are good source of calcium as they contain heavy amounts of protein, manganese, iron, copper and phosphorous. Black Sesame Seeds have been a part of the kitchen for thousands of years. Sesame seeds are believed to be one of the worlds’ first spices.


Before processing first engage in cleaning of the seeds. Pure water is used for cleaning and use winnowing basket for dusting and dirt removal. The other processing procedures are cleaning, hulling, drying, sortexing, and packing in ascending order.

CLEANING: After harvesting, the sesame seeds are cleaned and hulled. The first stage of the hulling process is cleaning. The sesame seeds pass through an air separation stage to remove any foreign particles.

HULLING: In Hulling process a combination of water and friction work together as the seeds are passed against the Chamber of the hulling machine to separate the hull from the seeds.

SORTEXING: Aspiration, Destoner and Gravity machines with the help of which the seeds are graded by size, density, colour and flavour supplying consistently high quality sesame.


DRYING: Drying is one of the most important stages in processing to ensure high quality. Further, there is the chance of forming poisoning bacteria on some spices which is a real danger if proper washing and drying is not done. For drying we use auto dryers.

PACKING: Packaging becomes very important in the case of food products and, to ensure that products remain free from contamination and leakage. For packing Sesame Seed and related products HDPE/ Poly packs and multiwall paper bags, Jute bags are used.


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  • Quality                            99/1, 98/2, 95/5  
  • Purity                             99.95% Min., 99.5% Min., 99% Min
  • FFA (As Oleic Acid)          1% ~ 2% Max.
  • Moisture                         5% ~ 6% Max.

Packaging & Storage

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  • Multiwall Paper Bags        50lb / 22.68KG or 25
  • HDPE /PP Bags                55.12lb / 25kg or 110.23lb /50kg
  • Jute Bags                        110.23lb /50KG
  • Keep in cool and dry place, store in ambient temperature

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  • Black sesame seeds have sweet and neutral properties and because of this, they are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating kidney and liver problems.
  • Black sesame seeds are mostly used in the food provided to patients, which helps them to recover quickly from illness. 
  • These seeds are mostly used on fish, breads, sauces, and flavoring of bakery items.
  • Natural black sesame seeds are rich in vitamin B and serve rich flavors when garnished and sprinkled on food.

Shelf life

24 months from production date Protect from moisture

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