Tomato Paste (C.B.) 36-38°

Tomato Paste (C.B.) 36-38°

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Tomato Paste (C.B.) 36-38°

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Tomato Paste (C.B.) 36-38°

Tomato Paste is prepared by concentration of the liquid obtained from mature tomato (Lycopesicum Sp.). Good-quality Tomatoes will be firm, smooth-skinned and be at least pink in color. Tomatoes that are partially green will ripen if left at room temperature. The liquid is strained and prepared to exclude skins and other hard substances in the finished product according to quality standards.

Processed tomato paste is rich in texture, low in acidity, salt and contains no added sugar. The tomato rich diet provides high nutrients to the body and keeps the skin firm.


Tomato paste adds a dark colour and tangy flavor to various foods e.g. soups, stews, sauces, curries, chutneys, pizza sauce and pickles.

Tomato paste is used like regular tomatoes or for cooking in Italian dishes. 

The Heart of Your Dishes:

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Tomatoes have long been celebrated as a fundamental ingredient in countless global cuisines. At SafaAgro, we recognize the importance of this beloved fruit and have dedicated ourselves to transforming it into a remarkable, versatile product that enhances the essence of your favorite dishes.

Pure Goodness:

Our Tomato Paste is crafted from premium, sun-ripened tomatoes, handpicked at the peak of their flavor. This careful selection ensures that every jar of SafaAgro Tomato Paste is brimming with the pure essence of tomatoes, free from artificial additives or preservatives.

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Chemical Characteristics

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  • Brix  36/38°  As sucrose
  • pH <4.5 At 12.5” Brix
  • Acidity % <3.0 As citric acid
  • Color 2.0  Summer season
  • Brix 36/38°As sucrose
  • pH <4.5 At 12.5” Brix
  • Acidity % <3.0  As citric acid

Microbiological Characteristics

  • Aerobic Plate Count  50 cfu/gm  Maximum
  • Yeast <10cfu/gm
  • Mould <10cfu/gm
  • Anaerobic Bacteria  Nil
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Physical Characteristics

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  • Color  Red
  • Texture  Smooth texture and homogenized
  • Flavor & Taste Natural flavor of Tomato and free from burned, cooked or any off flavor taste
  • Appearance Tomato Paste is processed without pips, seeds and peel
  • Consistency <5.0 cm

Packaging & Storage

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Aseptic Bags  228Kg/Drum

Keep in cool and dry place, store in ambient temperature (+25°C)

Shelf life

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12 months from production date under mentioned storage conditions.

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